The News We Missed This Week

If you were paying attention last week you may have realised that, due to a night of drunken silliness, a very silly writer forgot to write last Sunday’s edition of The News We Missed This Week. With that in mind if you want to check out the news we missed two weeks ago you can do so here, otherwise here are five random news items DarkZero missed this week.


Firstly PS4’s big 3.0 update went live on Wednesday, so get patching if you haven’t already done so PlayStation fans. What new features will you see when you do update? You’ll be able to upload ten seconds of gameplay straight to Twitter, you can live-stream straight to YouTube, create PNG screenshots, there’s a new events hub, and more. Best of all you can now send game themed stickers in messages so you don’t even have to use words when communicating with your friends, great.

F4 xbox one

Here’s something for the Xbox fan in all of us, Microsoft have announced a shiny new Fallout 4 themed Xbox One bundle. The console itself will just be the plain black model, but it’s packing a huge 1TB hard drive to store all of your Fallout 4 mods on. It goes without saying but the bundle will also include a copy of Fallout 4, however, there’s also a copy of Fallout 3 packed in so you can check out Xbox One’s backwards compatibility.

There's no gameplay, but here's a Drop Zone picture.

The Star Wars Battlefront beta will be launching next week. Unfortunately none of the game modes will be playable offline, however EA has confirmed that some modes, like Survival Mission, will be playable offline in the full game. Here’s what Battlefronts’s community manager said over on Reddit “Offline gameplay will not be available within the beta. For the beta, an internet connection is required to play missions.”


I know DarkZero’s not a film site, but since this next piece is related to games I’m going to include it anyway. Gran Turismo is getting a film adaptation (god only knows why this is happening) and it’s found its writers and a director. Jon and Erich Hoeber will be penning the script while Joseph Kosinki will be directing. The plot will follow the story of a video gamer-turned-professional race car driver. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume the protagonist won’t be playing Forza before they start driving real cars.


Finally let’s end on something from Nintendo. You might have heard that the company partnered with DeNA to bring some of their most popular franchise to the mobile market. Well after the partnerships official announcement all went quiet. Well that’s about to change according to Dr. Serkan Toto who Tweeted this out on Friday: “About the first Nintendo-DeNA mobile game: Expect the unexpected and soon.” This makes it sound like we’ll be getting news on the game very soon, maybe even this week. Why not Tweet @darkzerouk and let us know what Nintendo franchise you’d like to see DeNA tackle first?

That is that, five pieces of news DarkZero missed throughout the week. Make sure you check back next Sunday for the five news items we’ll more than likely miss next week!