Another look at the new Playstation Store

We are still not sure why are excited about the new look PlayStation Store, as you don’t see us getting all wound up every time Amazon and get a facelift. Maybe the excitement has something got to do with finally been able to get some new content when the new store goes live, or maybe we are just happy we’ll be getting rid of that annoyingly slow web-based interface at last.

Regardless, Sony has released three more images of what the new store will look like, which follows up from last weeks first look at the store. This time a preview button on the third images catches our eye. We wonder what it does? Maybe it could be a quick link to steam a trailer of the game you might be interested in buying, or maybe it will just display more text.

pstoreupdate1_news.jpg pstoreupdate2_news.jpg pstoreupdate3_news.jpg

Over on Sony official US Blog a little bit more info was released in regards as to what is going on behind the scenes. We’re working hard on getting the revamped Store up and running. Keep an eye out for a walk-through video next week. In the meantime, take a peek at a few screens from the new interface,” comments Grace Chen, Senior Manager of the Playstation Store