Trailer Attack: 15th May 2024 – Jack dark scars

Men of War II

The wait is over, commanders! Men of War II is launching today on PC!


Baladins is OUT NOW on PC! Gather your friends and embark on a quest most noble in this TTRPG-inspired co-op adventure from Seed by Seed!

Mullet Mad Jack

MULLET MAD JACK is a single-player fast-paced FPS that brings you directly inside a CLASSIC ANIME. Power up your character and reach the last floor; Beat your best time or try again. Haste makes waste… OF YOUR ENEMIES!

Sword of the Necromancer: Resurrection

Help Tama to save Koko using the powers of the forbidden Sword of the Necromancer. Turn your foes into allies and reach the depths of the Necromancer’s dungeon. Gain enough power to bring Koko back from the dead, no matter the cost. Now in 3D and with a renewed battle system!

DreadOut Remastered Collection

DreadOut Remastered Collection (DreadOut + Keepers of the Dark) Digital & Physical Edition for PS5 | Nintendo Swith will be available, this coming 2024!

Assassin’s Creed Shadows

In Assassin’s Creed Shadows, you will live the intertwined stories of Naoe, an adept shinobi Assassin from Iga Province, and Yasuke, the powerful African samurai of historical legend. Against the backdrop of the turbulent late Sengoku period, this remarkable duo will discover their common destiny as they usher in a new era for Japan.

Margin of the Strange

OneShot developer Future Cat Games has announced Margin of the Strange.

WWE 2K24

Go EXTREME with the new ECW Punk Pack available now!

Game Boy – May 2024 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

Celebrate 35 Years of Game Boy With Super Mario Land and More Games, Now Available on Nintendo Switch Online! To properly celebrate 35 years of the Game Boy system, we have to take it back to year one! Game Boy launched in 1989, and with it arrived classic titles such as Baseball, Alleyway and the first Super Mario game available on the system, Super Mario Land. Today, Nintendo Switch Online members can play all three of these original launch titles as the latest additions to the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online library. All just in time for the system’s 35th anniversary!

Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Dreamlight Parks Fest begins! Bring the fun and wonder of Disney Parks to your Valley. Participate for exclusive prizes, furniture to decorate your very own Valley theme park, and prized popcorn buckets that take the fun to the next level.

Scars of Mars

Scars of Mars is a new real-time RPG. During combat and exploration, time flows, so you must make split-second decisions, execute precise commands swiftly, and vanquish enemies within a limited time. It’s a thrilling experience that captures the unique tension and satisfaction of the gameplay.


Shortly after this simple house cat leaves the mortal world, she awakens in the Soulplane, realm of the dead. She must challenge the perilous underworld to return home to her owner in this 2D action adventure.

F1 Manager 2024

Frontier Developments today announced F1 Manager 2024, the officially licensed Formula 1 management game, will launch digitally on July 23 across PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for £29.99/$34.99/€34.99. Players will return to the role of F1 Team Principal, where they can choose to design their constructor and bring an eleventh team to the grid in the new Create A Team mode, take the hotseat at an existing Formula 1 team in Career mode or re-write the real-world 2024 season in Race Replay. 

Lesson Learned

The premiere of Lesson Learned is almost here! This bizarre tower defense adventure will be available on May 29th on Steam and Xbox. A world filled with historical figures awaits you. Try to defend your base from waves of enemies as you travel through odd daydream lands with your classmates in solo or co-op mode.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Meet the dystopian world head on or risk falling away under a new era of battle. Gear up and face the challenges that await you in Season 5 — Digital Dusk in Call of Duty: Mobile, which will bring new content and rewards. Plus, it’s your final chance to climb the ranks in the current Multiplayer Ranked Series season!

Dark Envoy

Lead a party of relic hunters in an epic adventure set in a conflict-torn Guns N’ Sorcery world. Experiment and think outside the box to overcome the odds stacked against you. Major Content Update (Patch 1.4) – updated story content and more.

Close Combat

Defeat the enemy in this classic nonstop World War II battle action. Lead your men through the terror, fatigue, and hell of war on to victory. Only you can bring’em back alive!

Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power

Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power, a roguelike combining dungeon crawling with bullet-heaven gameplay from OrangePixel, launches in June on PC via Steam. A Nintendo Switch and Atari VCS release will be available in Q4 2024.

Nested Lands

A ruthless survival RPG in a post-plague medieval world full of cruelty and despair. Gather survivors, build a settlement, craft, master your skills, survive, and endure alone or in online co-op. Wishlist in Steam and signup for the closed Alpha-test.