Trailer Attack: 5th March 2019 – Robo sport seeker alive

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

We are the last line of defense. We are the people making a stand to take back D.C. We are The Division, and history will remember us.

Conan Unconquered

Conan Unconquered is the first-ever strategy game set in the savage world of Conan the Barbarian. Published by Funcom and developed by the Command & Conquer veterans at Petroglyph.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Get ready to strike out on the hunt for immortality, because 1C Entertainment and Void Studios are overjoyed to unleash Eternity: The Last Unicorn upon PC and PS4 owners today! Available for $19.99 USD / 19,99 EUR, this action RPG draws upon rich Norse myth and old-school gameplay mechanics to take you back to the genre’s roots.


In LEFT ALIVE, when you’re surrounded by deadly enemies, and giant Wanzers roam every corner… the only option is survival at all costs. Play as three different characters as their stories Play out and intertwine In their journey towards salvation.

Gran Turismo Sport

On March 5, 2019, the 1.34 update was released for Gran Turismo Sport.


OVERWHELM, the action horror-world platformer from Ruari O’Sullivan, is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 4th with an exclusive co-op mode.

One Piece World Seeker

Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves on an exciting new adventure on Prison Island. See how it all begins in this opening cutscene from One Piece World Seeker!

Destiny 2

Winning a game of Gambit Prime was just the beginning. Your rewards will earn you passage into a new endgame challenge. Survive swarms of enemies to unlock armor and rewards that will unlock new perks you can use to dominate your opponents in Gambit Prime.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Everything has led to this moment in your conflict against the Order of the Ancients. Put your differences with Darius aside to stop the evil forces hunting you once and for all in the final episode of Legacy of the First Blade

Shakedown: Hawaii

Coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS VITA, Nintendo 3DS and PC. Build a “legitimate” corporation by completing open world missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, and “rezoning” land. The entire island is up for grabs, or at least, could be… with the right business model.


RICO is an arcade-style tactical shooter, where players must react in the moment to shootouts as they unfold, breaching doors, moving from room to room, and unlocking new weapons, traits, and equipment as they seek to bring down the crimebosses in the game’s main case mode.

The Occupation

The Occupation is a first-person, fixed-time, investigative thriller set in North West England on October 24th, 1987. You play as a journalist in a detailed, systems-driven world where people react to your actions and time is your biggest enemy.

Beat Cop

AVAILABLE NOW on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Beat Cop is a retro, pixel art style adventure set in New York, inspired by ’80s cop shows. You are Jack Kelly and you’ve been framed for murder. Now as a regular beat cop you have to find out, who did that. Expect thick crime story, a lot of black humor and all the other things you can find on the streets of Brooklyn.

American Fugitive

Break out with American Fugitive, the new action open-world sandbox game from Curve Digital and developers Fallen Tree Games launching on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Dual Universe

Dual Universe is a continuous Single-Shard sandbox civilization building MMORPG taking place in a multi-planets Sci-Fi world with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare. Players can freely modify the world by creating structures, space ships or orbital stations, giving birth to empires and civilizations.

She Remembered Caterpillars

She Remembered Caterpillars, the dreamlike, abstract puzzler exploring love and loss with painstakingly hand-drawn art from Ysbryd Games and Jumpsuit Entertainment, will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 28, 2019.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

Bigben and Eko Software are pleased to announce the dates for the first phase of the closed beta for Warhammer: Chaosbane, the first action RPG taking place in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe, which will be released June 4th. The two beta phases will be accessible to all players who pre-ordered the game (Standard, Digital Deluxe or Magnus version). Pre-orders remain open throughout the beta. The first phase will be from March 7th to 13th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Robo Instructus

Big AB Games today reveals its ethereal new title, Robo Instructus – a programming puzzle game with an artful aesthetic and a compelling sci-fi story. What’s more, a beta version of the game is available now, absolutely free, and players can sign up via the Robo Instructus website.

Move or Die

Fiercely independent game developer, Those Awesome Guys, and go to market gurus Reverb Triple XP have launched today Move or Die onto the PlayStation 4. PlayStation gamers can now experience the fast-paced, sweat-inducing, multiplayer frenzy where game modes change every 30 seconds – you gotta MOVE or you will DIE!


TERA drops you right into the thick of the action with the TERA × PUBG crossover event, available on all platforms now!