Trailer Attack: 20th July 2021 – Paladins judgement world

RimWorld – Ideology

Ludeon Studios is excited to announce RimWorld – Ideology is now available for $19.99 on Steam! What do you believe? This second expansion for the multi-million selling sci-fi colony simulator RimWorld gives every person in the game a belief system. Play as piratical nudist cannibals, blind undergrounder mole people, charitable ranching cowboys, machine-obsessed transhumanists, and many more.

Cris Tales

Learn from the past, make decisions in the present, and alter the course of the future in Cris Tales. Cris Tales is a love letter to classic JRPGs created by Colombian developer Dreams Uncorporated where past, present and future are brought together on one screen.


Your chance to explore the mysterious and dangerous island of Blackreef is just around the corner. Pre-order either the Standard or Deluxe edition of DEATHLOOP now to receive exclusive bonuses including unique weapons, character skins, and more!

Dodgeball Academia

On August 5th, it’s your turn to become the legend of the Dodgeball Academia! Unlock the ball-timate power within you with the Hero’s Dodgeball. Wishlist Now!

Last Stop

Domestic Affairs is one of three stories you’ll experience in Last Stop, coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on July 22, 2021.


The public demo of Fracked for PS VR is available on the PlayStation Store right now! Play the first thirty minutes of the trailblazing and action-packed campaign, pitting you against the interdimensional enemies known as The Fracked.

Lost Judgment

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has released a new five-minute gameplay trailer for Lost Judgment.

Samurai Gunn 2

Don’t blink! Samurai Gunn 2 is a fast-paced action game that’s easy to pick up but hard to master. Each samurai is armed with a Sword and Gunn, loaded with only three Bullets. By ‘swallowing’ a Bullet, you can even Dash! Fly unscathed past your opponents, just don’t Dash into a Bullet head on! Like the original, experience the thrill of one-hit Versus.

Tormented Souls

Survival horror game Tormented Souls will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC (Steam) versions in 2021.

Back 4 Blood

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios today revealed a new Back 4 Blood trailer showing off the co-op zombie shooter’s Ridden-slaying action running on PC. The new video highlights several features coming to the PC version of the game at launch, including 4K resolution, uncapped framerate, NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), ultrawide and multi-monitor support, cross-play, and various other graphics and visual quality options. Back 4 Blood will be available for PC via the Microsoft Store, Steam and Epic Games Store on Oct. 12.

Greak: Memories of Azur

With their homeland tainted by a deadly invasion, siblings Greak, Adara & Raydel must fight to escape to safety!

Genshin Impact

Although Ayaka has long since mastered the Kamisato Art Tachi Jutsu, she continues to persevere in her practice.


Make a splash with a new wave of cosmetics and sizzling hot rewards. Overwatch Summer Games is LIVE NOW!


This is DIRT 5‘s BIGGEST EVER UPDATE – and it’s out now! The Super Size Content Pack is included for Amplified and Year One Edition players, whilst the FREE Update 5.00 adds a host of new content for everyone


ManyDev Studio announces the new game Parasight – 2D Action-RPG game with souls-like mechanisms. In the game you can choose to play peacefully or aggressively, you can socialize with enemies or fight with them!


Crystals are our business and business is BOOMING! From July 20th to August 4th, save up to 20% on Crystals across all platforms.

Death’s Door

Reaping souls of the dead and punching a clock might get monotonous but it’s honest work for a Crow. The job gets lively when your assigned soul is stolen and you must track down a desperate thief to a realm untouched by death – where creatures grow far past their expiry.

Fallen Knight

Fallen Knight is a futuristic tale that lets you play as a descendant of the great Lancelot from Arthurian Legend. Battle against a deadly terrorist organisation seeking to expose secrets you were sworn to protect. Take on unique bosses as you fulfil your oath to the Round Table and fight for the forces of Good.

F1 2021

Did you get to see F1 2021 game’s TV advert over the weekend? Lucky for you, you can watch it right here!

Shin Megami Tensei V

Volume 34 of Atlus’ “Daily Demon” video series for Shin Megami Tensei V introduces returning demon Cu Chulainn.


SEGA’s mobile RPG, SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 is having its 3.5 Year Anniversary Festival!


Evertried is a tactical rogue-lite where everything moves after you make an action! Climb an ever-changing tower by defeating enemies in turn-based combat, and acquire powerful Skills and Modifiers to face near endless challenges in search for the afterlife. Launching on Fall 2021 for Nintendo switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox Series S|X, Steam, and GOG.

Dead by Daylight

Cast your line into the briny deep, but beware: you may not like what you reel in… The Sea-Washed Creatures Collection has washed up on shore.

No Longer Home

No Longer Home is a game about letting go of the life you’ve built due to circumstances beyond your control. Immerse yourself in the lives of Bo and Ao and learn about their dreams, frustrations and fears. Welcome the magic of the everyday and somewhat extraordinary.

Escape from Naraka

Get a first look at the amazing effects of ray tracing in Escape from Naraka, enhanced with ray-traced reflections, shadows, and performance-accelerating NVIDIA DLSS

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases

In his early years as a detective, a young Hercule Poirot is invited to a reception by the influential Van den Bosch family, for the announcement of their daughter’s engagement. But tensions among the guests run high as a snowstorm descends on the town, trapping everyone inside the manor. The happy event is soon marred by the murder of one of the guests! Poirot being in the right place at the right time immediately begins to investigate. What buried secrets and deadly rivalries will he uncover?

Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways, the minimalist strategy simulation about designing the roads of cities around the world, now graces Steam for Windows PC and macOS with its relatable and colorful maps and challenges players to keep up with the demands of their megacities. The simultaneous release of the Apple Arcade Round Trip update will feature new content, with a Nintendo Switch™ release arriving in Q1 of 2022.

Rogue Company

Rogue Company is now officially on Steam!


The open-world action-adventure and survival game Cloudscape enters its final days on Kickstarter after 4 weeks of a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. Chris Gottron’s (aka Konitama) reached the funding goal within the first 24 hours, and since then has gone past the initial goal by over 300%. Today, 3 days before the end of the campaign, Top Hat Studios announced they will publish the game on Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X and PC/Steam. 

Mail Mole ‘Xpress Deliveries

Mail Mole is back this with a free content update: Xpress Deliveries!


Enter the colorful world of Aloof, where challenging levels with multiple win conditions await you! Play as a cute brave bunny and protect your little islands in this unique puzzle-battler with adorable animals!

Scrap Garden

Scrap Garden is a charming puzzle platformer about the adventures of Canny, a lonely robot, who awakens in a post-apocalyptic world to find all other robots shut down and seized up. What happened to the City? Why did all robots stop moving? Did anyone survive except him? Little rusty Canny has to do all he can to find answers to these questions… and try to fix it all.

Aotu World

HATSUNE MIKU X Aotu World crossover event is now launched!