Trailer Attack: 14th April 2020 – Chimera from sakura storm


All in! Games has announced that Arboria by Dreamplant Studio will be open for Early Access on Steam starting on May 7, 2020. Prepare to become a Yotun warrior!

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

What happens in the past, never stays buried. Your tour of Little Hope begins this summer. The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of stand-alone, cinematic horror games, designed to present a new terrifying experience on a regular basis. Each game is unconnected and will feature a brand-new story, setting and new cast of characters.

Sakura Wars

As the Imperial Combat Revue prepares to compete in the Combat Revue World Games, their challenge is far bigger than just themselves. As with every combat revue in the world, their true purpose is to protect their city from demons-hostile, grotesque creatures born from the anger and malice of human beings.

XCOM: Chimera Squad

2K today announced that XCOM: Chimera Squad, an all- new standalone title in the award-winning, turn-based, XCOM tactical series, is currently scheduled to release digitally for Windows PC on 24th April 2020, with a special limited-time introductory price of £8.50.

Remnant: From the Ashes

In the Remnant: From the Ashes – Swamps of Corsus DLC, prepare to face a new set of challenges in Survival Mode which will leave you with only a pistol and scrap – as you fight challenging bosses in search of upgraded loot across unique worlds. Coming to PC (Steam) on April 28, 2020, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a later date. How far can you make it in one life?


Echo is swooping into battle. Overwatch’s 32nd hero is playable NOW!

Heroes of the Storm

It began with a crack. A seeping wound through which the Raven Lord drew beings of the Dark Nexus to serve his nefarious will. Though the Raven Lord was defeated, the crack remained. It widened. Spiderwebbed. A drip became a flow, and the flow became a flood, chaos and hatred spilling across the Nexus, threatening to defile it forever.

Arena of Valor

At the casino owned by the Hyperion Group, sexy bunny Arum takes center stage at the show! Won’t you watch her perform?

Arma 3 Apex

OUT NOW – Return to Tanoa and assume the role of a retired Legionnaire in a brand-new, open-world, singleplayer scenario. Arma 3 Apex: Old Man is a free bonus scenario for everyone who owns the Arma 3 Apex expansion.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The magnificent Kulve Taroth is making its triumphant return and the mighty Arch-Tempered Namielle is on its way to Iceborne. Check out this quick preview of what’s to come in Title Update Version 13.5, available starting April 23.

League of Legends

Beware the dusk: she is not kind. Seize the power of Coven Zyra, Coven Leblanc, and Legendary Coven Morgana, or unveil your thorns with Prestige Coven Zyra.

Desperados III

Desperados III is getting a Collector’s Edition! Listen to the music box unfold its magnificent magic and enjoy the Season Pass including 3 DLCs, each featuring a brand new mission. These DLCs will be released post-launch in 2020 and tell the story of a new adventure that takes place after the events of the main game.


HypeTrain Digital is proud to announce the first major update to Ink Stains Games’ Steam best selling RPG Stoneshard, Trollslayer (having sold over 200k copies in its first month of release). This update brings an incredible new boss, the Troll, to put players to the test, but that’s only a small piece of all there is to enjoy in this massive update. To celebrate the release of this milestone addition, players will be able to pick up the game 20% off through Steam’s Midweek Madness sale, running April 14-17th.

Crumbling World

Crumbling World developer Dume Arts is delighted to announce a release date for their game, alongside a brand-new beta demo, giving players a chance to dive into a rich fantasy location and experience the unique gameplay elements featured within.

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare proudly announces the release of “Raid” during its on-going “Spirithaven” season. Taking place mid-season, commanders of the vehicular combat MMO are invited to a unique event battlefield, available from April 14 to May 14. Players that have followed the narrative missions of Armored Warfare’s seasons into the harsh realities of the near future have found themselves in a cut-throat world where resources have become increasingly scarce. The new month-long “Raid” event will put players into the role of raiders, conquering the territory of the event map to claim what is theirs. Four main rewards in the form of spectacular vehicle skins await succeeding commanders, along with a very special bonus skin as reward for players that complete all the challenges!


Tharsis, the turn-based, space survival strategy game that demands tough tactical and moral decisions, all at the mercy of a dice roll, is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Hunting Simulator 2

NACON and Neopica are pleased to release a new video for Hunting Simulator 2, the next game in the hunting simulation series, due to release on 25 June 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


PUBG’s latest update, 7.1, is now available on PC Test Servers. Check out the details on the updated Vikendi and more in the latest Patch Report video!

Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen

In Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen, your mastery over the art of war will determine the fate of the land! Use Chain Attacks and items to challenge your enemies, and harness features like Rewind, Forecast, unit types and elements to gain the advantage! Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on 29 May 2020.


SpellPunk is a first-person multiplayer VR experience in which you will be immersed in a stunning, abstract world, experiencing fast-paced magical duels. In SpellPunk you will unleash extraordinary powers and turn into a mighty magician who will cast spells by drawing magical symbols in the air with his/hers own hands.

Bus Simulator

The official map extension for Bus Simulator is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!