Tom Clancy: Endwar demo hits Xbox Live

If you have being snooping on the XBL Marketplace lately you’ll probably have noticed a demo of Tom Clancy: Endwar has popped up, and is now available for download.

The big selling point of Endwar is that it uses voice commands, through the Xbox Live headset, to control units. The voice commands supposedly work better than most others to, and the game should understand what you are saying even if you are from somewhere weird… like Norwich.

The demo weighs in at 1.6GB, which is a fair few Jaffa Cakes in waiting time. In fact we are sure we could eat our way through a whole packet while waiting.

There is also a good reason why the demo is so blooming big, as Ubisoft boast that it includes both single-player and one-on-one versus multiplayer options.