Telltale is Temporarily Pulling its iOS Games from the App Store

You might remember that a short time ago 2K temporarily pulled the iOS version of Bioshock from the App Store because it was pretty much unplayable on iOS versions beyond 8.4. Well it looks like Telltale is having similar problems with not one but over a dozen of its games. More specifically in this case its iOS version 9 that’s causing the problems. The good news is the games are only being pulled down temporarily until Telltale can find a fix.


The bad news is all of the following games have been pulled from the App Store, for the time being: The Walking Dead seasons one and two, Back to the Future, The Wolf Among Us, Tales of Monkey Island, Hector Trilogy, Jurassic Park, Law & Order Legacies, Poker Night 2, Sam and Max, and Puzzle Agent 1 and 2. Who’d have known Telltale actually had so many games?


One of the main differences between this and the Bioshock case is that you can still play Telltales games as long as you have them downloaded. If you previously purchased the games but deleted them you can find instructions on re-downloading them here. Also setting your device back to iOS version 8.4 will solve all of the issues. In the meantime the games will not be available to purchase if you haven’t already done so, but expect them to return to the store sometime in the future.

Source: Telltale Games Support Centre and Eurogamer