SouthPeak announce a Cool Runnings game in all but name

coachmonwii_newsThe guys at SouthPeak Games have announced they are set to publish a game based on a bobsled team originating from Jamaica. It will be out this autumn exclusive to Wii.

The game sounds very much like Cool Runnings to us, although SouthPeak do not mention the film anywhere in the press release, so we guess this is a completely different bobsled team from the same country.

The game goes by the name Sled Shred. and will let players try and earn their way into the World Winter Games aided by a bloke called Coach Mon – he’s the thing over there on the left. They will do this on “everything from tubes and toboggans to discs and bobsleds“.

The Wii Balance Board will  be available as a mode of control, but normal Wiimote waving will also be an option too.

We are very excited to bring this unique racing experience to Wii with Sled Shred,” said Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at SouthPeak Games. “A sledding game is a natural fit for Wii owners, and we can’t wait to see everyone using their natural body movements to steer their sleds down those slopes!

So what are we going to name the sled? How about, Taloola?