Rockstar give advice for GTA freeze problems Update 2

Update 2: The game has been patched

Update: It now seems the problems are much more widespread than originally thought, with quite a few people having glitches mess up with their game. The problems seem to affect mostly 60GB units, with many people commenting that that they experience the lock up’s on units they bought at the launch of the PS3. It is currently not known if the problems are exclusive to console made/bought during this time frame. No certain part of the game seems to trigger the lock-up and it seems it can hit randomly at any point.

The delete / reinstall solution below, the one we originally reported does not seem to fix the problem, and may only work in a certain number of cases. It seems that Rocksar have now dismissed this as a fix, and are no longer telling people this option on their helpline. It seems best to use it only as a last resort.

As a temporary solution it seems many are finding a way around the problem by disabling their internet connection while playing. It may be a bit awkward but it seems it fixes the problem for a few. It is still far from ideal though.


Apparently some people, albeit a small minority of people are having some problems with GTA IV randomly freezing and locking up on them. If you happen to be one of those poor people, and in particular own a PS3 then Rockstar have taken the time to give advice on what to do with your game.

It seems the best course of action is to erase your game data and reinstall Grand Theft Auto IV if your PS3 freezes during gameplay – at least that is what Rockstar are currently telling people who ring their helping reporting the problems. Reports hint that it works, too.