Rise of the Tomb Raiders Length Revealed

Thanks to a timed exclusivity, with Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics Rise of the Tomb Raider will be arriving exclusively on Xbox this November 10th. Wait a minute that’s the same day Fallout 4 launches and that games going to have hundreds of hours of content, so is Lara Crofts adventure going to be able to match Fallout hour for hour? Stupid question, of course it’s not. However Tomb Raider will provide players with 15-20 hours of a story driven action-adventure campaign, which means it should provide fans with more than enough bang for their buck.

RotTR 2

Hold up! Fallout 4 is more than just a campaign, there’s loads of extra content too, there’s no way it’s worth getting Tomb Raider over Fallout. Actually wrong again, there is more to Tomb Raider than its story, if you want to do everything, including finding every secret and raiding every tomb, you could be looking at 30-40 hours of gameplay. Perhaps it is worth looking into Tomb Raider before November 10th as both games are offering plenty of extra content for your money.

RotTR 3

Rise of the Tomb Raider will arrive in North America on November 10th and Europe on the 12th across Xbox 360 and One. The game will come to PC in Q1 2016 but PS4 fans won’t get to play it until late 2016. If you’re a big Tomb Raider fan then you should check out the collector’s edition. If you haven’t played the original Tomb Raider reboot DarkZero might just be able to offer you a reason or two to do so before the sequel launches.