Playstation 4

PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 3.0

PlayStation Blog has just gone into some more detail on what we can expect in Software Update VS3.0, codenamed Kenshin. Presumably the software has already gone live for PS4 software beta testers although the article makes no mention of that. The blog also states that there will be more in the update than what they’ve already gone into detail on, so we’ll have to wait for news on that closer to the updates launch. The points below are the things we know will be in the update.

Events: This will be a new activity hub added to give you information on upcoming events in the games you play. This could include official broadcasts, upcoming double XP weekends or seasonal events such as an in-game town being decorated for winter.

YouTube live: This will allow PS4 owners to live stream gameplay to YouTube. Live streams will be watchable on the new YouTube gaming website and app.

Increased online storage capacity: This is a big one for all PS Plus users, cloud data storage for PS4 will be increased from 1GB to 10GB.

Favourite Groups: This will be added to the friend’s app and is exactly what it sounds like. Users will be able to add groups to a favourites list.

Communities: PS4 users will be able to create communities based on common interests. Communities will include message boards, the ability to share screenshots and more.

Sharing video to Twitter: You will be able to share video clips of your gameplay directly to Twitter but they’re capped at ten seconds long.

Live from PlayStation: This will allow users to browse popular broadcasts and so on.

Screenshots: PNG format is now an option for screenshot saves.

Now Playing: This feature is being expanded to display more information on what your friends are doing. It will allow you to request a screenshot, buy the game they’re playing and join a party with them.

Request to watch: You can request to watch your friends gameplay should you wish to.

Stickers: Last but not least stickers are being added to messaging so now you don’t even have to use words to demonstrate how you’re feeling to you friends. Great.

Well that’s all we know about software update 3.0 for the time being but if you want slightly longer explanations on what’s included you can get that on the PlayStation Blog. In other PlayStation news the Star Wars Battlefront beta is coming to the PS4 this October and will allow you to test out three of the games modes. Broken Sword 5: The Serpents Curse is coming to the PS4 on the 4th of September and DarkZero has a review for you right here. One last thing is Septembers PS Plus games went live yesterday, if you want to see what they are click here.