Peter Moore is in Facebreaker, you can hit him

E3 may have came and gone, but there is a bit more news coming out of it. This one should excite Sega fanboys in particular, as they’ll finally get a chance to hit Peter Moore, which is probably something they’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

Yes, according to Buttonbasher Peter Moore’s face had been scanned and entered into the preview build FaceBreaker – the upcoming boxing game from EA – and at E3 those who demoed the game could go a few rounds with him the man himeself. However, it gets even better as it seems this little extra will not be just available to the journalists that attended the expo, and it is likely Peter will also be an unlockable character when the game finally hits retail this September

It’s a pity I could not find a way to shoehorn the famous “thing’s break” quote into this news. I did try though!