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Nothing important happened today. Here is my daily news article. I’m so sorry.

I am looking at an empty page in our CMS thinking of some way to fill it, but there is not much to say. Today was a very boring day in the gaming industry. I think everyone is asleep. I said I was going to post daily news updates on this site, and this damn industry has conspired to stop me. Nothing stops this train dammit. Eurogamer posted a news story about Monopoly for Christ sake – things are that bad.

Those people on Youtube seem to have the right idea. Maybe I should shout into at webcam in a high pitch for 30 minutes and post it? It would be better than trying to find news on a day like this. This industry is doomed.

The Mortal Kombat X Kollectors edition apparently costs kosts £100, so that’s something to write about I guess. They keep sticking overpriced statues in things these days. I feel like there are more headlines on gaming sites about high priced Limited Editions these days than people that actually buy them. If you know anyone that spends £100 on this feel free to disown them. N4G is happy about that I guess.

The 3DS firmware got upgraded to 9.5.0-22U. NintendoEverything posted about this. It’s a sign of how desperate things are today for news. The update only makes the handheld more stable, that’s all – it really does nothing else.  Stable is not news. Stable is the absence of news. What is the more stable console in your opinion? Social media is abuzz #jointheconversation.

The Order 1886 has an interactive site available to interact with interactively – which may end up being better than the game itself. I continue not to be impressed with what I see there. If it turns out good, feel free to get mad at me on the Internet.

Someone finally defeated Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!! blindfolded. I cannot even beat him after all these years with my eyes wide open.

I am not writing about that Sonic Runners monstrosity. Screw that – even I have standards. This trailer is depressing. Play Puyo Puyo Tetris if you want to play a good game by Sonic Team.

Harry Redknapp left QPR – oh wait, this is a gaming site, sorry. Seeing as we are going off topic, there is a dog barking outside of my window. DarkZero will keep you updated on this news as it develops.

Continuing the off-topic chat, Person of Interest is one of the best shows on TV right now. A show about a guy that loves shooting people in the knees is just fantastic in itself. Having Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and Amy Acker together on screen is the best decision made by a TV company in years.

Oh, and Kotaku posted a news item about shoes.

Something Persona 5 related is happening tomorrow apparently. Please Atlus give me something to write about, I dont want to have to do this again