Minesweeper Flags on the way to XBLA

The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (or NAMBLA for short, sorry!) has recently update their listings to show they have rated Minesweeper Flags for release on Xbox 360. The game will be developed by Tik Games, who are the same guys that did Texas Hold ’em, which was released way back in mid-2006. This presumably means Minesweeper Flags will be an XBLA release as well as the company only deal in digital distribution.

Not much is know about the game, but it is likely it will be something like the version of Minesweeper Flags that is currently available as part of MSN Messenger games service. That game is a multiplayer variant of the traditional Minesweeper that is know, loved, hated and mocked by just about everyone that ever turned on a PC.