MGO Beta gets delayed in US/Europe

Konami have revealed that the long awaited beta test for MGO that was supposed to kick off today in both the US and Europe has now been delayed. Konami comment that the delay is due to extra working having to be done on the games servers, so they can handle to amount of people that are expected to partake in the beta. If the servers were to go live now Konami expect that many problems would arise such as lag, continual drop outs and other kinds of annoying technical issues. The Japanese servers will however stay live as these tests go underway, but some checks will apparently be done on them so as to rise the quality of the overall service.

If you have already downloaded the beta test from the PlayStation Store in the US or Europe then there is no need to delete it as it will still be needed for when the beta kicks off further down the line. Regretfully, that date is now very vague, and it is highly probable even Konami themselves do not know the exact date the test will start now. They are however expected to make some kind of MGO related announcement tomorrow