LEGO Jurassic World Trailer Reveals 20 Big-Fig Dinosaurs

Today’s LEGO Jurassic World trailer is more than enough to whet the appetite of brick and dinosaur fans on the game-play content alone. Add to this the announcement of 20 playable customizable dinosaurs in the game and it’s starting to look a bit tasty.

The game, that launches in the UK on 12th June, includes all four of the Jurassic films — the original three and then the titular movie from this year. This combination of films and video-game mechanics should offer players good value.

One word of caution is to be aware that Lego Dimensions will also be including Jurassic World content in the form of characters and gadgets from the film — along with Portal and Doctor Who! A Jurassic World team pack will bring Chris Pratt to Lego’s Skylanders challenger but no specific levels.

Also Lego Dimensions has not been announced for either 3DS or Vita so for handheld reptile thrills and puzzles Lego Jurassic World, the main game, is still king.