Die Hard Christmas

Happy Christmas from all at DarkZero

Or should that be “Happy Holidays” –  even though it is a bit obnoxious. Maybe Festivus truly is the right word. Let us now take time to remember the important things we should all have in our hearts at this time of the year.

  • Your relatives might be around. You should be nice to them even though some might say obnoxious things and at times be casually racists.
  • Everything on TV will be terrible for a few days. We hope someone bought you a nice boxset so you can lie in front of your TV and watch that instead.
  • Turduckens are the best Christmas meal – even if you are a vegetarian.
  • Doctor Who will probably be good. Peter Capaldi should be great.
  • The Queen will talk. Hopefully she does not say anything embarrassing – like your lovely relations.
  • Socks are, and will always be,  important.
  • Official #hashtags are still rubbish – even at #christmas
  • If you are forced to watch Mary Poppins (again), then remember Die Hard – the one true Christmas movie – will most likely be on later.
  • Also, let’s not forget Video Games are important

Speaking of them Video Games, deliberations for the DarkZero 2013 Game of the Year are currently ongoing at Casa Del DarkZero. Once the debate ends, we will post our article. We’ve been doing this GOTY crap for 9 years now – who will be Winner #10? The previous GOTY winners were:

Merry Christmas From the Darkzero Staff!