GTA IV gameplay video never leaked out

Update: TakeTwo have asked us to take this down, so here is a video of an Elmo lookalike trying to jump over a car. Hooray!

Many expected a video of GTA IV to leak onto the internet before release, and it has. The video has already gone up on many social video sites today, just less than a week before release.

This video first appeared on YouTube and shows the boot up, a few of the menu screen, titles, the first intro cut-scene, and some driving at the end. As such if you are sensitive to spoilers we would advise you not to watch it. However, if you are just interested in seeing some gameplay we recommend you skip to the last two minutes and cover your eyes as you watch.

More videos will probably come and go as the week goes on in the run up to the game’s release, but we wont post or look at any of them as we are as scared of spoilers as you are!