GTA IV Boasts 16 Man Multiplayer

The latest issue of the Spanish PSM has revealed GTAIV will boast up to 16 person multiplayer over a selection of 14 different modes. even have scans of the mag if you are intrested. To start of simple multiplayer options such as races will be available, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg as many more action packed Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes will be included. All of the modes will take place in different part of Liberty City, and depending on the number of people playing the amount of cars and pedestrians will be scaled up or down so as to keep things running smoothly.

Furthermore, action will not be just confined to the streets of Liberty City as the magazine also reveals you can get into a helicopter with three friends to rush to different parts of the city in double quick time. In addition, before you go into multiplayer you can customize your character, alerting sex, hair, clothing and other facets so as stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, the games main story will not see co-op options, but their will be some limited co-op missions available as part of the multiplayer too.

The 14 different modes will also see many different styles of play. For example in one called “Cops n’ Crooks” a group of players will play as police, while others will play as the criminals, the police are then tasked with making sure they don’t escape alive. The other modes available are as follows, some of the names are certainly more descriptive than others:

1. Hangman’s NOOSE
2. Car Jack City
3. Bomb da Base
4. Bomb da Base II
5. Mafia Work
6. Team Mafia Work
7. Deathmatch
8. Team Deathmatch
9. Turf War
10. Cops N Crooks
11. Race
12. GTA Race
13. Deal Breaker
14. Free Roam

The game is currently scheduled to ship April 29, and should that date change there will most likely be citywide riots.