First Look At GTA IV HUD – Wanted Stars?

Checking out the original screenshot may not result in much excitement (other than the normal GTA hype you have got to be used to by now), but eagle eyed people may spot that hidden away in the top right hand corner of the screen are five familiar stars every GTA fan will know about. If you still can’t see it then we have tried to point out the stars the best we can in the image above. Could these stars (or possibly the outline of where the stars will light up) be the first look at part of GTA IV HUD?If so, then it is possible that the rest of the HUD for the GTA IV will not be as bright and vibrant as previous efforts, and as with many other games this gen may adopt a minimalist approach, and only intrude onto the screen when needed. For example, when getting arrested (like this one), or as you fire a gun or are in a car, which could possibly lead to other info and stats such as your ammo count to appear.

Remember though, this is still not confirmed by Rockstar, and although it slipped through in their most recent batch of screenshots it may not be representative of what will be on show in the final product. However, it is likely that the HUD will be seeing significant changes to come in line with the other updates the franchises is going through in this iteration of the series.