Displate celebrates a decade of metal posters

As a new homeowner who is a little cautious with their white-painted new walls and wants to avoid hammering things into them, the idea of having metal posters that hang on the wall without the need for screws or nails to display my love of video games fits perfectly. This is where Displate comes in

You have probably all heard of the company, they have adverts all over the internet, such as YouTube, Twitter and many other social media platforms. Displate has done quite well for itself over the years and has been able to keep on selling metal posters, over 8 million in fact, in the now 10 years they have been active, originally starting as a way for artists to share their art online. Now Displate wants to party for this celebration and is offering a promotion for between 30% – 40% off their prices depending on how many purchases are made. Seems like a great way to spice up a room or two in a new house.

Link is going on the hot drinks cupboard

There is only 8 days left of the promotion, but during this time, two exclusive artworks from Netflix’s Stranger Things and The Witcher are also available for a limited time! The official Elden Ring design comes with a unique 10th B-day coin sticker. There are only 1500 copies available – so rise, ye Tarnished, and don’t let your hopes get shattered! You can find all the deals on Displate’s birthday deal site. If you pick any up, share your choices with us on Twitter.