Codies using 3D scanning for accurate tracks in F1 game

Over on their official community forum, Codies have start to show the work they are doing on their F1 game. To start with, the Executive Producer of the title has put up images of laser scanned point cloud data of Spa-Francorchamps (see here and here).

This data, which looks like a big green mess to you and I, will be used to begin construction of the virtual versions of the real world tracks in-game. The data, which is said to be sampled “every few centimtres” will hopefully make the tracks as accurate as possible when we finally get to play the game.

However, loads more work will need to be done, such as conversion of that raw data, adding texture, and a whole bunch of other things that would likely confuse most of us.

Codemasters have still not tagged their F1 game with an official name as of yet, and that obviously means it has not being dated either. The game could come out in conjunction with this years season, or more likely could be held until next.