Cheaters already out in force in Mario Kart Wii


Recent reports hint that cheaters are already out in force on Mario Kart Wii, and are storming up the Time Trial leaderboards with unrealistic times that cannot be attained with a normal 3 laps around a track – regardless of how quick you go. At the moment it is not exactly sure how this is been achieved, and it is also not know if it affects all modes, but there are apparently loads of people shooting up the leaderboards, all achieving similar unlikely times that are not fair for gamers who like to play fair.

Mario Kart fans who have access to a DS may remember that game had (and still has) similar problems with cheaters, and unfortunately Nintendo never did anything to stop that since release, basically ruining the game’s online options for just about everyone.

We hope they take action this time, and we have sent them an email to see what their stance is. We’ll report back if we get a reply