Zombie Apocalypse shown, looks like top-down Left 4 Dead


IGN have published a preview for Zombie Apocalypse, the upcoming PSN and XBLA game from Nihilistic, published by Konami. The preview gives us the first solid info on the game, boasting it is a twin-stick shooter, putting you in control of one of four survivors fighting of a Zombie Apocalypse, wave after wave, in various different locations – an airport, a junkyard, and so on.

IGN say there is 10 different weapons on show in the game, which you can pick up as you move through the levels, but you will always have a chainsaw and machine gun with unlimited ammo available should you need them. The game also boasts both online and offline co-op, which is always nice.

Still intrested? IGN took the time to put up a nice collections of movies as well.