Yoshi Amiibo Woolly Header

Yoshi’s Woolly World lets cute players create cute patterns with up 40 cute Amiibo

In an effort for Nintendo to own all the world’s money, they have revealed Yoshi’s Woolly World will fully support Amiibo. In fact, even if you own an obscene amount, the game will do different things with all of them.

Touch a Mario Amiibo to the gamepad, and Yoshi’s woolly pattern changes to give him a mustache and red and blue wool, resembling something from a nightmarish hell dimension.  Touch Donkey Kong, and his wool goes brown, and he gets a makeshift little red tie. Touch Link, and it looks like Yoshi is wearing a green woolly tunic.

That’s just the start though – 37 other wool themes will be unlockable via Amiibo in the game. That just about covers all Amiibo available – that you both can and cannot buy right now. Thanks shortages!

Here is a teaser video explaining the nonsense…

I have to ask an important question… what will Yoshi transform into if you touch a Yoshi Amiibo to the gamepad? Is that like dividing by zero?