Wwe Bryan

Yes, Yes, Yes! Wrestlefest is coming to Steam

It came to iOS a few days ago, and is supposed to be on the way to XBLA/PSN later this year, but now it seems WrestleFest is also on the way to PC – via Steam. If you have not been keeping up, the new releases of the game are not exact ports of the old arcade classic. These new versions use the graphical style and gameplay of the original, and updates the roster to mix modern day superstars with WWFE Legends

There is no solid date for the Steam release yet – other than the gauge Summer 2012 date listed. It will likely see a release in conjunction with the XBLA/PSN versions, which are also currently touted for Summer this year.

I am going to be Triple H, and bury everyone else in the game – disregarding all current storylines just to get myself on TV.