14-Year-Old Play True Crime Has Seizure

A central Iowa mother woke up over the weekend to find her daughter having a seizure. After a trip to the emergency room, a family learned that the cause was most likely from playing video games too long, Des Moines television station KCCI reported.

Doctors said such incidents are not common, but they do happen. Certain people are prone to it because of the way their brains work. Once was enough for 14-year-old Amy Kopaska. She loves to play video games, the station reported. She spent five hours straight playing a video game over the weekend. Her marathon session led to a frightening situation.

This has never happened before. Boy, it scared the life out of me,” said Janell Hansen, Kopaska’s mother. Hansen woke up early Sunday and heard an awful noise from her daughter’s room. She found her daughter thrashing on her bed.

I rolled her over. Her eyes were dilated. She was foaming at the mouth, gasping for air. Just breathing very hard,” Hansen said. Hansen said that at one point it appeared her daughter had quit breathing all together. “Then it was quiet. She didn’t move. I thought I was watching her die. It scared me terribly,” Hansen said.

Hansen gave Kopaska a couple of big breaths as she waited for the paramedics. At the hospital, after several tests and questions, the conclusion was that the long-term use of the video game induced the seizure. “The pattern of the lights sets up an abnormal reaction in the brain, and that causes the seizure to happen,” said Dr. Joel Waymire, a pediatrician.

Kopaska doesn’t remember anything about the seizure. “My mind is a blank, like dreaming without the dream,” she said. It has also come to light that the game she was playing was True Crime New York City which we all know is not supposed to be played for people of that age but we are sure Kopaska’s mother does not did not know anything about the age rating. I may seem heartless for saying it but once again it is the parents who are to blame and even though this seizure had nothing to do with the rating of the game the 14 year old should still not have been playing the title.