XNA Unleashed!

Today at the GDC Microsoft has revealed the pre release version of the XNA platform. This is designed to help reduce the costs of Next Gen development significantly, by ensuring that developers do not have to constantly ‘re-invent the wheel’.

As a surprise, Microsoft has also opened its Xbox Live server platform, allowing developers to innovate and chance the Xbox Live experience, therefore allowing a increased level of freedom in what can be achieved.

Martin Sevigny from Ubisoft was on hand to promote the development platform;

“Creativity is the core of Ubisoft’s success. Since the very early days of Windows. and Xbox., and now with Xbox 360, XNA and soon Windows Vista , Microsoft has provided us with excellent developer tools, support and online services in addition to great hardware, said Martin Sevigny, director of production technology at Ubisoft Entertainment SA. “With this collaboration, our developers can focus on their creation instead of being constrained by the platform.”

Head over to Teamxbox for the full report.