Xleague.tv is one year old


After 12 months on the air Xleague.tv has announced they’ve hit the big 01, and are celebrating their first birthday. They boast that the channel has been viewed by over 11 million people and they’ve crowned over 50 champions, giving away over £100,000 in prizes during that time.

Those who keep a close eye on the channel will have noticed it was re-branded as Pulse a few months back, and up to 12 hours of the daily material change to silly US drivel called Ice Racing, Chick Fight and Bikini All Stars.

In our opinion this was not the best move the channel made. However, seeing as they still have that Games Night show, that Guru Larry guy and some other interesting shows going strong, it seems like they’re not going to fall into the trap that Game Network went headfirst into a few years back just yet.

Ray Mia, Channel Head of Pulse comments: “All the team at XLEAGUE.TV are very pleased to be celebrating our first birthday. Our continued rise in viewing figures and online services is yet another example of our commitment to make XLEAGUE.TV the number one brand in UK gaming. This is another milestone in the rise of the channel and I’m positive our plans for the forthcoming year will see great strides for gaming and the gaming industry.