Xleague.tv Continues To Die

It’s confusing really. Xleague.tv did not impress us that much when it first started with repeats of repeats of shows airing over and over again. Thankfully, for those that stuck with it for a while it actually developed into something interesting. That Halo 3 show, that Games Night show, and that Guru Larry guy were all interesting enough. It turned out there was actually a few hours of watchable TV on the channel every week. Sure, it was not Gamesmaster, but that’s gone, and we’ll have to get over it, but at least people were respectfully talking about games on TV again – so it was a step in the right direction.

However, just like most gaming TV shows over here in the UK – with Rapture’s G@mers been the last noteworthy one – it seems it is slowly starting to lose its identity. If you did not already notice over 12 hours of the daily material is made up of stuff called Ice Racing, Chick Fight and Bikini All Stars now. This has been going on since late December – so it’s nothing new. However, it seems the channel has taken the second step into obscurity lately as it has been rebranded with the highly generic name Pulse.

So, whets next? Well if we learned anything from Game Network a few short years ago the channel could quite easily continue into this downward spiral until it descends into showing those dreaded Babestation shows late at night, then finally shuts down the gaming part of the channel for good. However, hopefully that won’t happen as we really do need someone to finally get this gaming TV thing right after all these years, and there is still a chance left this will be the one to do it, albeit a decreasingly small one.