Xboxie Breakout

Xboxie – helping you play HTML 5 games on your Xbox One

The best ideas are often the more simple ones, and Reddit user CitadelSaint has most certainly hit upon an interesting one – and executed on it very well to boot. His creation is called Xboxie.

Xboxie, like its name suggests (Xbox + IE), is a website you can visit using your Xbox One’s Internet Explorer browser. Once on the website you can browse a list of HTML 5 based games – games that have been curated to make sure they work with the Xbox One controller. The site also lists how the games are best played.

CitadelSaint writes: “As most of HTML 5 games are designed with Keyboard in mind it means there is very little with controller support. After googling for hours to find working games I decided to put together a site with every game I’ve test and I know that works


As you can see, the website is well laid out as to not look like a horrible mess on your Xbox One. The site does not host the games itself, just links to the places they have been made freely available on the web.

Updates are coming as well: “Over the next week I will be adding hundreds of games to the site (But I’ve been programming all today so I’ve decided to give myself a break),” he writes.

Next week I will add the ability for you to be able to rate games, so once I’ve got a fair few in the database, the good ones will float to the top.

You can also pin the website to your Xbox One Dashboard to have quick access to the games at any time.