Xbox360’s Guitar Hero Controller Is Wired

Posting on his flickr account Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has given gamers a quick look at Guitar Hero II on the 360. The photo show us many things, (mostly that 8 hours sleep per night is VITAL) but in the far bottom right corner it also shows that a wire is connected to the controller. This leads us to believe that when the game is finally release it may have to be connected to the Xbox360 via a USB lead, however this has not been confirmed and the wired controller may have been just needed at X06 due to all the other signals travelling about the place.

Update: Thanks to neomax in comment we noticed we have being slightly off in our arrow placement to show the wire but we offer more proof that it is a wired controller with the following photo below (from Gemaga) and a quick quote from Major Nelson very own blog which reads “That is not a wireless guitar…not sure if they’ll make one…I sure hope they do!”

Whatever is the case may be now we really hope Harmonix offer a wireless version of the controller come release.