Xbox360 Can Now Do 1080p

In amongst all the announcments today at the pre Tokyo Games Show conference, Microsoft announced that its Xbox 360 will be upgraded this fall with the ability to output to 1080p. In the next gen war, 1080p has been described by Sony as being True HD and was until this point, a considerable marketing strategy for the Playstation3, believed to be the only console to support this resolution.

Microsoft say that its up to developers to use this feature, however no Microsoft 1st party titles will, as they still believe nobody cares about the extra resolution, that 720p will still be the sweet spot. As for HD DVD, the Xbox360 will upscale any DVD video (old or new) to the extra resolution, should your TV support it. No confirmation has been given at this point regarding a HDMI cable, so its just the plain old analogue component or VGA for now.