Xbox Live Spectator Modes A Reality

Speaking at a lecture at the University of California Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has confirmed that the company is planning to add spectator modes to Xbox Live in the future.

Responding to a question about which Microsoft products he’s proudest of, Gates told the audience that he has a personal interest in developing new interactive features for the Xbox, citing the ability to assemble online audiences to spectate on games as an example.

This responce by Gates seemingly confirms reports that the company is planning to add spectator modes to Live, under the banner of Xbox Live TV.

It’s expected that the system will not only allow users to spectate on games as has been possible with many PC titles for years – but will also provide additional graphics and displays. Think off it as watching you favorite sport on TV with all the details scores and stats spread around the corners of the screen, now the same with be available for your favorite games.

However, it’s still not clear whether Xbox Live TV will be implemented in titles for the current Xbox platform, or if it’s planned as a feature for the next-generation Xbox console.

When these ideas come into fruition we believe it will be another brave step forward and will help propel gaming even more as an exciting form of entertainment!