Xbox Live down for repairs April 1st

No, we are not trying to fool you as it has officially been announced the Xbox Live will be down for “upgrades” on April 1st. In fact, Microsoft has started sending out messages to everyone’s Xbox Live account to make sure they get the word out and you won’t be stuck at home with nothing to do on that day. The service will go down at approximately 09:00 GMT, and will stay down for around 3 hours.

The threat level in America will most likely be raised as a result, as it is feared many US teenagers will get confused, go outside, and start pointing at random things calling them ‘gay’ as they can’t play Halo 3 for a while.

We are not sure what we’ll do when the service goes down. Maybe we’ll go outside too, albeit in a more civilised manner. We hear it is nice out there, with a beautiful blue sky and everything!