Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Update Live Now!

Remember that console your great great grandfather had, the Xbox 360? Well it seems someone at Microsoft remembers this long forgotten piece of tech too and has decided to update it, so it’s time to dust off your 360, reconnect it to the old dial up and start downloading! What are Microsoft bringing to this long forgotten artefact of the bygone days? Well in summary: 2GB of cloud storage, you can now connect the 360 to a “Terms of Use” internet connection, if you receive a code in a message you can click “Redeem Code” to use it, the ability to see your friends on Xbox One and Windows 10 activity feeds, Microsoft Movies & TV and Grove Music.

Could this be the man behind the update?

We should tell the Middle Ages this man’s still updating their console!

All joking aside it’s nice to see that Microsoft hasn’t abandoned their last-gen console just yet. Perhaps the most useful feature in the update is the 2GB of cloud storage which will allow players to move save files from 360 to One. This should make the move from 360 to One easier for those who haven’t made the transitioned yet because it will make it easier to bring their saves from games like Destiny across. The cloud storage will also be handy when backwards compatibility comes to all Xbox One consoles later in the year because it should enable players to bring their saves across and continue right where they left off on the 360.