Xbox 360 Mark II To Be On Show At CES

A second iteration of the Xbox 360 – currently codenamed ‘Zephyr’ – is set to be shown at the upcoming CES. It is said to feature a less energy hungry 65nm processor, instead of the current 90nm processor all 360’s now use. On top of this it is believed the console will ship with a snazzy 120Gb hard drive and most importantly a HDMI port to get the upmost out of any TV that can take advantage of that 1080p.

It is unknown at this point if the new console will included any more extras – such as a built in HD-DVD drive – but that option is unlikely as MS cannot add to much to the console as advancement too far beyond the current 360 would just mean many complaints from current 360 owners who spent big bucks on the new console a little over a year ago.

There are curretly no clues on a release date for the new 360 but tech blog Engagdet reports that a Microsoft insider claims we’ll all be seeing it very ‘soon’.