Xbox 360 Live Arcade News!

IGN has reported that there are to be a further 25 Live Arcade titles released before summer. This includes the highly anticipated online version of Street Fighter 2 which should find a release soon.

Other points to note are the fact that if a title fails to excite the end users, and failes to be downloaded a certain number of times, the title will be pulled, and therefore will ensure the arcade will not become overcrowded.

Titles at the moment have a limit of being 50MB in size, but Microsoft is hoping that this will be reduced to 25MB, so in theory 2 titles can fit on a memory card.

With developers using new unreal engine technology to produce new Live Arcade titles atm, we shall see how successful this reduction in size will be. It is hoped that the size limitations wont crush potential for new games in production.

Source: Eurogamer