Xbox 2? Xbox Next? Xbox 360? You’ll soon know

It is expected that Microsoft will show the hardware for the first time on the Monday before E3 officially begins. CNN/Money columnist Chris Morris seems to think that it will almost certainly be called the Xbox 360.

A hard drive hasn’t been finalised yet, but may still be included, and Microsoft is attempting to produce a backwards compatible system to please current players. This apparently is difficult, as the Xbox runs on an Intel chipset (PIII, 733MHz) while the Xbox 360 will have an IBM core. Nintendo and Sony have a slight advantage, as each are going with their previous vendor/s (Nintendo; IBM, Sony; IBM and Toshiba). It is widely expected that the PS3 will be backwards compatible, and Nintendo recently confirmed at the GDC that the Revolution will be.

Furthermore, ALL games will apparently be required to include HD TV support. Morris continues on, suggesting that the price and launch date will be known before the show.

Well, the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox can no longer be considered the “Next Generation”, but rather the current generation. This E3 will weigh heavily with the “Next Gen” consoles.

It will be Nintendo’s fifth home console, Sony’s third and Microsoft’s second. Will experience dominate, or have Sony and Microsoft tapped into a market Nintendo will never understand? E3, roll on.

Source []CNN Money[/link]