Download XBLA’s Texas Hold ‘Em For Free

Microsoft isn’t bluffing” they boast as they inform gamers they can log onto Xbox Live within the first 48 hours after the launch and download Texas Hold ’em – completely free of charge! The poker title for Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 will launch on Wednesday, August 23 at 6pm EST.

Don’t forget the promotion will last for 48 hours only – Wednesday, August 23 through to 6pm EST Friday, August 25. Once the promotion ends at 6:01pm EST Friday, August 25, Texas Hold ’em will then be available for 800 Microsoft Points but those that downloaded it during the 48 hours will get to keep the title forever without having to pay a penny!

It goes without saying that to save yourself almost £8 you should get yourself on the Live Marketplace sometime during the course of those two days and get something for nothing as you don’t get much of that nowadays in the console gaming world…

…well done Microsoft!

Update: In an intresting turn of events the page on that once displayed the news now has been taken down. We are not 100% sure what this means but we hope the 48 hour promotion will still go ahead. It’s got to go ahead as we just praised Microsoft and we can’t just go around unpraising people now can we!

Update2: MS has just now officially confirmed the news by sending out press release to gaming journalists worldwide so make sure you put aside some time next week to pick up a great free game from the XBLA.