XBLA Worms Incoming Next Wedensday

After what seems like years of waiting since we first brought you news of the title Worms has finally given a solid release date and will be available for download on the Xbox Live Arcade early next Wednesday morning.

In the announcement it was revealed that the game offers multiplayer action for up to four players locally or over Xbox Live. Twenty increasingly difficult single-player challenges with three graphical themes for play and a random landscape generator to ensure that no two landscapes are ever the same. Twenty-two weapons and utilities will also be available in the game along with many customizable elements, including what worms and teams are named, what worms say, and which gravestone they have when they die. The game is of course HD ready and will include twelve achievements along with weekly, monthly and overall leaderboards as well – but all XBLA titles do that nowadays so that not surprising!

It has also been announced that the title will be selling for fair price of 800 Microsoft Points so it should not break anyones bank balance.