XBLA Version Of Ikaruga On The Way?

Eurogamer are reporting that after searching though Partnernet Treasure’s Dreamcast and GameCube cult hit Ikaruga has made an appearance. Partnernet is the debug network limited to journalists and developers – although not us cause Microsoft won’t bloody talk to us… they never call they never write!

Anyway’s getting away from our woes the sudden appearance does not seem to be a full game. Eurogamer report that “there are two downloads listed in the Xbox Live Arcade section of Partnernet The titles are nondescript, but if you download the two 5.7MB files Ikaruga appears under a Japanese name in the console’s Live Arcade menu.” However they could not get the game to run but did make their way to the title screen and found out 12 achievements including one marked Secret and one for each of Chapters 1-4 and the Final Chapter.

Ikaruga certainly is a weird unannounced appearance and the fact that the game is not even working only adds to the peculiarity of it showing up. However, the fact that some of the Achievements are contained in the download seems to hint that the game could be released at some point.