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XBLA achievement limit will double, new rules for DLC too

After quite a few rumors regarding the change, Microsoft has confirmed they will soon be making it mandatory for all Xbox Live Arcade titles to have 400 Gamerscore points at release  – these points can be distributed amongst up to 30 Achievements.

200 was the old Gamerscore limit – with the Achievements limit topping out a 20.

Should companies want to release DLC for their XBLA games, there are also new rules for that going forward.

DLC can now add 100 Gamerscore and 8 Achievements per quarter, topping out at 800 Gamerscore and 62 Achievements total combined with the original game.

Anything released after that number is met would not be allowed to have Achievements/Gamerscore attached.

Any games releasing from April 1st can opt into these new rules should they so wish, although the changes will not be mandatory until the 1st June.