X05: Amped 3 – What To Expect?

Amped 3, like snowboarding itself, isn’t just about the sport. Sure, it all starts with riding huge mountains, finding lines through the trees in hip-deep powder, and tricking your butt off…which is why there’s an all-new physics engine, perfected controls, and the most authentic riding experience at some of the world’s greatest winter resorts. But the soul of snowboarding is all about style. So, in Amped 3, there’s incredible customization, a fat helping of boarding culture, and huge SnowboxTM loaded with killer gameplay. With a new Park Builder, insane bone-breaking sledding, and snowmobiles for exploring, you can be who you want, go where you want, and do what you want.


– Massive Mountains – Amped 3 features seven new resorts, up to three times larger than levels in Amped 1 and 2. Take on hundreds of challenges around the resorts, or pull out your sled and try to hang on for dear life. Explore the entire mountain on a snowmobile, get away from it all in the back country, or find the perfect spot and build your own obstacles, rails, and jumps.

– Snowbox – The resorts are loaded with hundreds of challenges; beat them and earn upgrades, new stuff, or Coin you can use to buy a ton of swag. And these challenges aren’t just about your skills on a snowboard…there’s snowmobiling, sledding, and more. All your top scored runs, hang-times and crashes are automatically posted for all to see on LiveTM…see how you measure up against the rest of the planet and go grab the top spot.

– Park Builder – Anywhere, anytime, you can plant your own jumps and rails to create a personal terrain park, add things to trick off to get better High Scores, or just make a difficult challenge a little easier. You can even create your own sessioning area. And you earn newer and crazier objects to plant as you play the game.

– Coop Sled Slaughter – Hop on a sled and just try to hang on! The longer you can rise, the greater the destruction and carnage… and the bigger your medical bills (aka high score). Or, if you want to teach your buddy a lesson, tie your sleds together and see who can do more damage to themselves. Good times!

– Snow Tracks – Over 300 new indie music tracks…again Amped 3 offers up more fresh tracks than any game ever made.

– Story – Amped 3 stays true to its roots with the most authentic trick-based snowboarding game that is played out in an incredibly cool new story that takes you on a mind-blowing trip into the snowboarding subconscious. You and crew have been saving up cash for a trip to Chile, where you all plan to keep riding until the money runs out. But when someone steals the cash and tries to pin it on you, the rest of the crew mysteriously disappears and you’re on your own. Then things get REALLY weird. It’s up to you to find out what the crap is goin’ on as you ride some of the greatest resorts around the world and conquer your nemesis.