WOW! It’s Christmas

A Christmas update hit World of Warcraft’s servers today, and WoW Insider has the all the nitty gritty on the update. They report that the the festive season has hit Azeroth and it’s a lot of fun too. The goblins from Smokywood Pastures are offering Christmas treats a-plenty, including snowballs and wrapping paper, and they’ve machines that’ll turn you into a Christmas elf I spotted several teams of green and red elves duking it out in front of Ironforge. (The reds were winning.)

Also in the spirit of friendship and co-operation, several Alliance teams were planning raids on Orgrimmar in order to kill the Horde’s Grandfather Winter players always find ways to create even more content than Blizzard put in. In a more peaceful vein, Grandfather Winter has lost one of his reindeer, with a quest that will eventually give you your reindeer mount transform, and you can read up on the history of the Feast of Winter Veil to get a sense of the background of the event.

On the European servers, players are especially excited with their first Christmas, although the snowball fights and /yelled lyrics to Jingle Bells may be taking it a little too far. However, the Christmas stand in Ironforge is extremely popular, with so many players crowding around that the NPC is nowhere to be seen.

Orgrimmar is just as bad. To get in on the elvish (well, gnomish) fun, simply step outside Ironforge or Orgrimmar gates and find the transformer. There are also transformers in the other cities, but there are fewer people to throw snowballs at there. Blow a /kiss to the Winter Reveler awaiting you under the mistletoe in city inns, and enjoy the season!

Source WoW Insider