WoW Expansion Named?

With Blizzard’s first “blizzcon” convention taking place on Thursday and Friday of this week, numerous sources have quoted deatils and posted screenshots of the much hyped expansion. According to these reports, the expansion will be named “The Burning Crusade”. This is something that the majority of magazine front covers agree on. It’s set in the Outlands with the level cap apparently going from 60 to 70. There are no new classes to choose from but there will be two new races to meddle with, one for the Horde named “Blood Elves” and the other for the Alliance which is still to be named, If speculation is to be belived, there is also a new mount available only to the Outlands, there will also be new starter areas and zones and a new profession (jewelcrafting).

Were also told to expect an update to the graphics engine (with a fifth more polygons for new content) and weather effects. Blizzard is also said to be exploring the the potential for cross-server battlegrounds. All of this bodes well for WoW fans, but we must stress that none of this has yet been confirmed by a Blizzard spokesperson, but we understand that it will all be revealed later this week.