Worms Going Online On Wii In Space Oddity

THQ have announced that they will be bringing a new Worms game to Wii, the new edition of the Worms franchise will be title ‘A Space Oddity’, and will offer Wii owners the humorous turn-based strategy the series is known for, when it makes its debut on the Wii in spring 2008.

THQ boast that Worms: A Space Oddity will see the franchise change with a fresh visual style, a style that abandons the traditional drawn approach and replaces it with a Sci-Fi look. Also, new environmental settings, more customization options, and some intuitive gesture-based manoeuvres with the Wiimote will be available as the developers at Team17 hopes to bring players will be closer to the action than ever before. In addition some classic Worms game modes and re-invented single-player missions, as well as multiplayer options that include a host of all-new party games will also be available.

Finally, this time the battles take place across six planets, each with its own unique environments and global events to partake in, thus allowing the option for an online multiplayer experience pitting up to four Worms fiends from all over the world against each other.