World in Conflict Demo Coming This Week

Sierra Entertainment has today announced that they are set to release a demo for World in Conflict during the course of this very week. The demo could very well go live after some announcements about the game at the Leipzig Games Convention. The demo will include multiplayer combat for up to 16 players on one of the maps from the retail version of the game, Seaside. Along with that players will also be able to get a first look at the game single player mode, with a tutorial stage at a US Airbase and mission 3 “The Battle of Pine Valley” of the retail game available to be played. Finally, a skirmish mode will be available for players will be able to hone their combat skills versus bots.

World in Conflict is currently set for release on September 18th for North America, September 20th gor Australia & New Zealand, and September 21st for Europe.