Work on Castle Crashers completed

In the words of a great man over on the The Behemoth dev blogCastle Crashers is completely completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” We really could not have put that statement any better ourselves.

I feel really great about how the final product has come out after playing through a few times last night. I’m very proud of what our team was able to accomplish. This game is undoubtedly the largest 360 XBLA game that has any kind of story; Large in scope, takes hours and hours to go through with your buddies,” comments game designer Dan Paladin on the blog.

With vibes of the TMNT arcade game and many other old school classic beat ‘em up’s you can’t help but love Castle Crashers if you are of a certain age. So, it is exciting to see the developers have completed work on the game.

Don’t go getting too excited though, as it could still be quite a while until it hits XBLA “It takes a couple months at the very least from this point. It has to go through all the required hoops of certification/final testing & all that jazz before it will actually become available on the service,” remarks the latest blog update.

castlecrashdone1_news.jpg castlecrashdone3_news.jpg castlecrashdone2_news.jpg